Friday, December 11, 2009

Update on Don Coleman—good news!

Earlier today I received news of significant improvement in Don’s condition from our mutual friend, Dr. James Anderson. Here is the note from James:


  I visited Don this morning (Thursday) and he had not needed the respirator during the night at all. This is a big step forward. He has no fever. The kidney dialysis is still needed and we'll have to trust the Lord for restoration of kidney function. This hopefully will show steady improvement. There has been no recurrence of the blood clots but this is a concern until he his physically active and up out of bed. He sat in a chair yesterday.

He is communicating by writing presently. He should be able to talk when the trach tube is plugged, hopefully soon.

The Lord be praised. Lord bless you. Thank you for sending this to folks who are eager to know Don's status. In Christ, James

James C. Anderson, MD

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