Friday, December 04, 2009

Update on Don Coleman

I know thousands are praying for Don, but I discovered someone had come to this site by searching blogs for Don’s name, so I thought I would forward this update that I received moments ago.

A mutual friend, Dr, James Anderson, was able to visit with Don and the physician who is treating him, and gives this report:

1. Infection-----seems controlled and probably treated successfully with toe amputation and antibiotics.

2. Shock lungs----improving a little each day. He'll need the respirator for 1-3 more weeks but he is being slowly weaned off of it. He is tolerating the withdrawal of support.

3. Kidney failure----today his kidney function improved which gives hope that the kidney dialysis may not be permanent.

4. Blood clots----on Monday, Nov. 30, he survived a clot that went from his leg to his lung. This is God's mercy. He cannot tolerate the 2 main drugs used to treat this but the intenivist today said the 3rd drug they are using is working. This is the most fragile situation presently and makes the whole situation very unpredictable. The intenivist believes that this situation has definitely improved in the last 24 hours.

5. Nutrition---- Don will get a tube from outside his abdomen through the abdominal wall into his stomach. It is felt he will need this only for as long as he is on the respirator. Nutrition will be maintained very well with this.

May God hear our prayers.

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