Monday, July 07, 2008

A Must Read Manifesto

Russell D. Moore, Dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has written a stunning commentary on the values and beliefs that drive the behavior of Southern Baptists, particularly with regard to their actual versus stated views on sexuality and abortion. My only quibble with the article is his targeting of Southern Baptists, when I believe he is in fact describing just about all evangelical Christians in America.

He observes that while we conservative evangelicals talk loudly about particular immoralities, our behavior is instead guided more by affections for material comfort and economic status than by genuine adherence to Biblical principles.

Here are some quotes out of context, but I hope they serve to get you to read the whole thing.

“A biblically literate Southern Baptist church will be able to see that the demonic beings do not mind shifting tactics from generation to generation; wherever people are unsuspecting as to their own weakness, they will strike. If Bathsheba will not take down a son of Adam, then Babylon can; if not hedonism, then Pharisaism will do. It is at this point that Southern Baptists are especially vulnerable, because we fail to see how the family chaos around us is directly related to our captivity to our appetites.”

“We have become the people that Jesus warned us about. Southern Baptists more and more want to distance ourselves from our blue-collar, economically impoverished roots, and more and more wish to be seen as affluent, suburban, and politically influential. But this comes with a cost.”

“The reason we have made peace with the sexual revolution is because we are captive to the love of money. Southern Baptist men and women want to live with the same standard of living as the culture around them, and, as the Spirit warns, we will grind our churches and our families to pieces to get there (James 4:1-4).”

“Why does the seemingly godly deacon in a conservative Southern Baptist church in north Georgia drive his pregnant teenage daughter to Atlanta under cover of darkness to obtain an abortion? Because, however he votes his "values," when crisis hits, he wants his daughter to have a "normal" life. He is "pro-life" with, as one feminist leader put it three exceptions: rape, incest, and my situation.”

Hat Tip: Kyle Newcomer via Consumed’s blogroll.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

This is your devotion time on Google

On Tuesday I linked to Owen Strachan's article on the relationship between internet use and critical thinking; he's now done a follow-up post concerning how our devotional life might be affected by the internet.

Check it out.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What your brain looks like on Google

Now I have an excuse for not having posted lately. Owen Strachan, author of the website Consumed, has written about and linked to some thought-provoking articles concerning possible negative effects on thinking ability as a consequence of regular surfing of the internets. Owen worries that we are gradually becoming information "skimmers" and losing the ability to process lengthy texts and follow complex reasoning.

As a side note, I first learned about Owen at the Band of Bloggers forum at Together for the Gospel. Because his posts are always interesting, well written and gospel-flavored, I’m adding Consumed to my blogroll.