Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What your brain looks like on Google

Now I have an excuse for not having posted lately. Owen Strachan, author of the website Consumed, has written about and linked to some thought-provoking articles concerning possible negative effects on thinking ability as a consequence of regular surfing of the internets. Owen worries that we are gradually becoming information "skimmers" and losing the ability to process lengthy texts and follow complex reasoning.

As a side note, I first learned about Owen at the Band of Bloggers forum at Together for the Gospel. Because his posts are always interesting, well written and gospel-flavored, I’m adding Consumed to my blogroll.


Jamie said...

I will check out his blog. Maybe you could check out mine and see if you recognize the man mentioned in my July 3 post.

Owen said...

Thanks very much for the link, Michael. I very much appreciate it. I like your blog and will check it. Your comments on Trueman's post were quite thoughtful and helpful, I think.