Sunday, December 20, 2009


Because of the major snowfall we didn’t have church today, so I thought I would take the opportunity to listen to a sermon by one of my favorite teachers, R, C. Sproul. I have heard many of his lectures, but haven’t yet heard him preach since he became a pastor. So I went to his website, and chose to listen to his message on the prologue to John’s Gospel. I clicked the link, and began to hear a voice very unlike Dr. Sproul. It didn’t take long to recognize the voice of another of my teaching heroes, John Piper. I was hearing Piper preaching on Paul’s doxology at the end of Romans. The website says Ligonier, the window displays St. Andrew’s, the text reads The Prologue of John's Gospel, but out of the player comes Piper and Romans 16:25-27 from his message from November 26, 2006. I can only conclude that God really wants me to hear this message.

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