Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today’s Harvest 11/10/09

Timmy Brister posts this sobering thought from Jonathan Edwards’ The Religious Affections, p.51-53:

“If true religion lies much in the affections, hence we may learn what great cause we have to be ashamed and confounded before God, that we are no more affected with the great things of religion.”

Not sure why that didn’t jump out at me more when I read it the first time.


From today’s Calvin reading, Section: 4.15.19-22:

Speaking of sacraments, he writes, “It is, therefore, much more holy to revere God's ordinance, namely, that we should seek the sacraments from those only to whom the Lord has committed them.”

I  don’t recall where in the Bible that either Baptism or Communion are to be administered only by a church officer. Anyone out there know of such a passage?

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