Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today’s Gleanings 11/17/09

Over at the new evangelical Christian group blog, Evangel—hosted, by the way, by the Catholic website, First Things (confused yet?)—Joe Carter, John Mark Reynolds,  and Frank Turk weigh in on the question of whether evangelicalism is experiencing growing pains, death throes, or a mid-life crisis.

If consensus can be found among these three it might be that the patient definitely has some symptoms, but it’s too early to tell what they mean.


Dan Phillips posts some great thoughts on why we should be thankful for the fact that we live in a God-created and God-designed universe. Bonus: he includes a memorable example of a merism to help you learn what a merism is.


Michael Patton channels Jon Acuff in a hilarious Beginner’s Guide to Christianity. Here’s item #23:

“Lord,” “Lord God,” “God,” and “Father God” references in prayer: This is related to the previous, but an important addition to  your understanding of public prayer. While praying, Christians will continually repeat God’s name so as to remind you and themselves to whom they are praying. Therefore, do not be surprised to hear “Lord,” “Lord God,” ”Father,” or its popular variation, “Father God” at the beginning of every sentence. It sometimes will even occur multiple times in the same sentence such as the following: “Lord God, we just pray that you will be with us God during our trip God.” Pretty much, the more you say a variation of God’s name, the more spiritual you are.

Scary how spot-on these are.

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