Friday, January 03, 2014

Reflections On Years Of Pastoral Ministry


No, not mine, but those of Sam Storms. This is a great list not only for pastors, but for anyone in ministry.

Here are some great take-aways:

  • I wish I'd known that people who disagree with me on doctrines I hold dearly can often love God and pursue his glory with as much, and in some cases more, fervency than I do.
  • I wish I'd known about the delusion of so-called confidentiality. Pity the man who puts his confidence in confidentiality. You can and must control the information that comes to you, but you can never control the information that comes from you.
  • I wish I'd known about the destructive effects of insecurity in a pastor. This is less because I've struggled with it and more due to its effect I've seen in others.

You can read them all here: What I Wished I’d Known: Reflections on Nearly 40 Years of Pastoral Ministry

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