Saturday, April 07, 2012

Resurrection Sunday: Two must-reads

Two of my favorite writers have posted exceptional essays about the events surrounding the Resurrection:

Russell Moore:

How the Resurrection Undoes Our Need to Be Proven Right

“If you had been there to pull open his bruised eyelids, matted there together with mottled blood, you would have looked into blank holes. If you had lifted his arm, you would have felt no resistance. You would have heard only the thud as it hit the table when you let it go. You might have walked away from that morbid scene muttering to yourself, “The wages of sin is death.

But sometime before dawn on Sunday morning, a spike-torn hand twitched. A blood-crusted eyelid opened. The breath of God came blowing down into that cave, and a new creation flashed into reality.”

Thabiti Anyabwile:

Why Do You Look For The Living Among the Dead?

“Because Jesus was raised from the dead and keeps our inheritance in heaven by His power—He puts our joy safely beyond the reach of all our enemies, including the enemy of death.”

I couldn’t do my friends a better service than to point them to these two articles.

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TBoyd said...

Michael, those quotes are thought provoking. Thanks. He is Risen! Hallelujah