Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The True Antidote for Worry

Trevin Wax (who is always worth reading) eloquently makes the case that the real solution to worry is nothing less than the Gospel itself. Here’s a snippet that ought to make you read the rest:

So worry shows up whenever my view of God is diminished and my view of myself gets too big. I worry because my vision of God is skewed. I rest when my vision is fixed.

“Look at the birds of the air!” Jesus said. “God gives them food, even if they don’t work and earn their way.” There’s more to this parallel than a mere animal-to-human comparison about how much more God will care for us. There’s gospel here. God has given undeserved favor to the birds. He blesses them apart from their merits.

God’s grace and mercy is sustaining us too. Everything we have comes from God’s hand. Salvation belongs to the Lord. And the powerful God who saved us is the loving Father who sustains us.

Somebody say Amen.

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