Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jonathan Edwards on the Religious Affections

While at the annual Jonathan Edwards Institute Summer Conference, I decided to purchase and tackle one of Edward's most well-known and influential works, The Religious Affections. As everyone I'm aware of who has read Edwards will attest, his writing is at once challenging and rewarding. To put a little pressure on myself to understand and retain what I'm reading, I thought from time to time I'd post segments that jumped out to me. Here's the first of what I hope will become a series:

"The things of religion are so great, that there can be no suitableness in the exercises of our hearts to their nature and importance unless they be lively and powerful. In nothing is vigour in the actings of our inclinations so requisite as in religion; and in nothing is lukewarmness so odious."
(Page 28; The Religious Affections; The Banner of Truth Trust,2004.)

If you haven't already discovered it, Jonathan Edwards Online, sponsored by Yale University, is a treasure trove of access to Edwards' writings. And while I'm at it, thanks to Byron and Beth Borger for every year running such a great bookstore at the JEI conference and providing such helpful information and guidance for their customers.

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Steve Burlew said...

Keep at it, Michael. I received an email from a pastor a few weeks ago, wanting me to know just how the Lord has used some of the books that we ship from the Banner of Truth U.S. warehouse, and he specifically mentioned reading Edwards. He wrote, "I had heard of Jonathan Edwards probably more than anybody, so I bought the Banner of Truth edition of his works when I was a freshman in high school at age 15, and started reading the most profound, serious, holy, passionate, deep stuff I had ever been exposed to." If the reading gets tough at times, don't give up. Some of the best treasures take a bit of digging and mining before the gems appear! God bless you, brother.
Steve B.