Friday, June 23, 2006

Manifest Uncertainty

The idea for this blog is to explore ideas, concepts and statements found in the Bible that for whatever reason are not easily understood or whose meaning is not readily agreed upon.

For example, I'm currently preaching through Romans and am about to cover chapter 7. At the beginning of the chapter, Paul cites the death of a woman's husband as grounds for her freedom to marry another. Is Paul creating a) an illustration; b) an analogy; or c) an allegory? If you have this figured out, what is the connection between the modern believer, the woman and her dead husband?

Your thoughts?


TheBlueRaja said...

Have you considered the option that Paul is using this case in a larger argument about the role of the Law after the re-creation of God's people in the eschatalogical age of the Church? I don't think he's too interested in the actual example he cites for the instruction of marriage and re-marriage - one might have to go to 1 Co. 7 to see his take on that. I think he's speaking about issues of jurisdiction of the Law, and how it could be that God is now doing His work apart from the covenant charter of Israel.

Pastor Michael said...

Thanks, TBR.
I certainly agree that the topic at hand is not marriage, but the thought did occur to me that this passage might give some insight into how a rabinically-trained Jew of the first century interpreted marriage under the Mosaic covenant.

As to what the passage is about I thought I would hold my personal views in reserve until others have posted.